Invest with the world Lab

Gain access to proven startups

World lab Ventures is the Ventures Capital arm of World Lab We invest in
innovative global Companies who seek to Expand to North America and Beyond

The World Lab Ventures Investment Process

Find Great Startup

World Lab Find the best and most innovative global startups through our worldwide reach and home-country accelerators.

Vet Product in North America

We Select the most promising Companies from our worldwide accelerators and take them through an intense vetting process/MVP to ensure the product will scale in North america.

Establish Expert team in US-Incubation

Once product/service is vetted,we put together a domain expert team in the us and continue to work with the technology experts in home country. We fun every aspect of the company until significant traction is reached.

Significant Scale

Once significant traction is dreached,world lab will add key members to the management team and provide additional investment with our venture capital partners the company is now ready for massive scale.

Our Thesis at World Lab Ventures

Our Mission is find great startups form around the world test, and scale in north america & world market. We believe that vetted companies and technologies working well in other countries can work well in north america and can take a significant risk out of the investing process
Working Concept + Established Tech + US Expertise = High Value Investment